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1530 North Ogden Dr Ogle at Lloyd Wright's den for Bollman

Cultural Historic Monument #235: Lloyd Wright's Henry Bollman Residence. By the early 1920's Lloyd Wright had accumulated experience in theatre, music, landscape, & architectural design. Working associations with his father, Olmsted & Olmsted, Irving Gill, Rudolph Schindler, & Norman Bel Geddes contributed to his personal vision of a new architecture integrating his total experience. Here in his second commission, Wright's vision is expressed through a building system utilizing pre-cast concrete blocks to augment standard construction techniques. The massing of the blocks unites ground & structure, as well as imparting a temple-like feeling to the facade. Style elements draw from theatrical & Meso-american precedents which, when translated to the interiors, impart a sense of drama & intimacy. Anchor of the Sunset Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, the Bollman Residence has earned two covers of Architectural Digest, & with the new owner's improvements could deserve a third. Courtesy of Crosby Doe, Crosby Doe Associates, Inc

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