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West Adams

West Adams is one of the “forgotten” neighborhoods of Los Angeles, once home to 19th century millionaires and, later, early Hollywood movie stars. Those with power and prestige moved on to places like Beverly Hills, leaving behind a treasure trove of homes in a wide variety of architectural styles including Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Colonial Revival, Renaissance Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Mission Revival, Egyptian Revival, Beaux-Arts and Neoclassical as well as some adorable cottages and Craftsman Arts and Crafts bungalows which are still intact. Film crews love this area, where you’ll find the spooky house from HBO show Six Feet Under, among many others. Time to join the West Adams family?

That LA is having a cultural ‘moment’ is well documented, pushing the West Coast art scene onto the world stage. But Los Angeles has long been an incubator of art and a home for artists. That experimental energy is alive and kicking in the vast warehouses and lofts of the Arts District. With the imminent opening of Nick Jones’s Soho Warehouse and the recent arrival of behemoth Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel putting Los Angeles firmly on the art map, they make a statement to the rest of the world that, as a global art metropolis, Los Angeles hasn’t just arrived – it’s got jaws. Placing yourself at the nerve center of a contemporary art explosion is a wise move.

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