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Grow Your Own Media

Whether you're an amateur interested in getting in touch with your creative side outside your grueling 9-to-5, or you're on your way to becoming L.A.'s next sought-after street artist, Atwater Village's Grow Your Own Media has you covered. Founded by onetime social worker and experienced screen printer Tomas Staub, the 5-year-old company has grown in both square footage and devoted customers, attracting such notable Angeleno artists as Morley, Cobra Snake and Homo Riot with three ready-to-rent stations ($10/hour), equipment and ink. The place also nurtures those wanting to learn a trade in an economic downturn, with screen printing, graphic design, and color-separation classes. The environment fosters creativity without judgment. And while some customers have been known to spend up to eight hours at the print shop, the place also takes custom orders of posters, T-shirts, stickers and wedding invitations and, if you're less artistically inclined, can even work with you on your design from inception to output.

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