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Radio Hill Gardens

Radio Hill Gardens is a space that you'll be hard-pressed to find mention of on city websites. Created in the mid-1990s to highlight native plants, today a visitor is hard-pressed to tell the difference between "garden" and weed. A 2006 Draft Master Plan for Elysian Park called the Garden the "most isolated and underutilized piece of Elysian Park" and noted that "maintenance to the native plant garden is poor and has become a low priority to an understaffed department."

If you want to check out Radio Hill Gardens yourself, and you should, it's just north of Chinatown, between the Cornfield and the freeway. Gates are off of Stadium Way and Amador Street, both just east of the 110. Neither has any parking, and neither is open to let you drive up the hill. Best things come, no pain no gain, and so on.

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